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GLOBALIZATION HAS PROFOUNDLY ALTERED THE FASHION INDUSTRY. Regardless of the price point, profitability now takes precedence over creativity, quality, and essential moral values.

Under the influence of Fast Fashion and social media, the culture of disposability has become an absolute norm. This has resulted in detrimental consequences to our environment, exacerbating issues of human exploitation, planet degradation, and climate emergency.

In this context, I leverage my textile expertise to support the ecological cause by creating a brand with virtuous processes.

My vision is simple: return to the essence of fashion with respect and kindness.




MERGING ETHICS AND AESTHETICS WITH GRACE constitutes my deep commitment to sustainability and well-being. Guided by the belief that consuming better is not a privilege but an informed choice, I design products that minimize their impact on the environment by valuing artisanal expertise.

To achieve this, I favor local production and use exceptionally high-quality natural materials. My approach combines preserving craftsmanship, respecting resources, and humans.
It also explores technological and artistic innovations to ensure the highest sustainability.

Choosing my products means opting for a unique sensory experience, in timeless and desirable design, celebrating fine craftsmanship.

Virginie Voncken's mission goes beyond consumption. I seek to establish ecological elegance as a true movement, a new wave. Beauty and responsibility can have shared aspirations, thus creating a new path, rich in meaning for everyone.



Virginie Voncken is based in France, in the "Petite Couronne" of Paris. She creates high-end artisanal sustainable fashion collections.

The house is structured according to the following principles:

• Eight ecological design concepts to address specific issues in the textile industry
• A slow collection pace, released by season, where each episode ethically reinvents iconic garments
• A high-end, sensory approach with exquisite finishes and a mindful luxury experience
• Exclusive use of natural materials to minimize pollution associated with synthetic materials
• Local transformation of elements to reduce transportation pollution and ensure ethical working conditions
• Availability of pieces in limited stock, through pre-order, or as unique pieces
• Re-edition of models based on demand to avoid wasting resources used in their development
• Seven sizes (from 34 to 46), with plans to expand the range

Explore my collections on this site and discover the behind-the-scenes of their creation via Instagram, the 'Eco-Esthète' website revue, or the newsletter




"Excellence is the art of surpassing oneself, for others."

Excellence is a fundamental value of my brand.

A garment made with excellence is more environmentally friendly because it is of superior quality and durability. It possesses material and sentimental value that encourages preservation.

Each of my designs involves a rigorous selection of materials and supplies. The cut is meticulously crafted in collaboration with freelance Haute Couture pattern makers and the manufacturers design office. From three to ten prototypes are necessary to achieve the ultimate version.

I create, personalize, and refine each product, giving equal importance to the interior as well as the exterior.

You will find in my collections quality finishes reminiscent of those that existed before the era of fast fashion, including many hand finishes: clean edges, full linings, French seams, polished metal zippers, engraved buttons...



“Natural, local & respectful in every detail.”

Virginie Voncken is committed at an ethical and ecological level according to the following points:

Respect for Human Well-Being: Optimal working conditions through local production
Local production to minimize transportation pollution, preserve jobs, and craftsmanship
Reasonable collection pace: Limited editions of only a few dozen models per year
Tracked Commitments: Detailed traceability for each product, including composition, manufacturing and assembly location, and labels
GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certification: For all 100% organic cotton products
Labels: Certified and labeled materials
Natural: Exclusive use of noble natural fibers
Zero plastic: No synthetic materials except in touches (some label weaves and sewing threads) intended to phase out
Upcycling: Use of upcycled fabrics, jewelry elements, and post-consumer food residues for dyeing
Dyeing certified without toxic residues: A line without dye, a line with natural dyes, and a line with natural prints
Reduced natural packaging to the essentials, locally made



"Kindness, the new Luxury."

Kindness is essential to me.

My brand strives to provide good working conditions for each collaborator and to establish trusting relationships with its suppliers and customers.

I make it a point to communicate sincerely and inclusively. While the fashion industry has imposed unattainable standards on us, Virginie Voncken aims to highlight all the "so-called" differences.

One can convincingly show through kindness that another form of consumption is possible.



"To transmit the essential: emotion."

I place great importance on transmission.

My experiences within renowned fashion houses have allowed me to learn alongside passionate and fascinating individuals. Now, it's my turn to pass on these knowledge that build our memories and our history.

I aim to highlight the precious techniques of our weavers, lace makers, embroiderers, knitters, pattern makers, and tailors. The beauty of quality fabrics, the precision of finishes, and the importance of the perfect drape, among others, are skills that I wish to share.

What is beautiful and well-made endures. My wardrobe is designed to withstand the test of time and be passed down through generations.



Virginie Voncken marque de mode femme durable, made in France


"To be ecological, a garment must be natural."

The materials in the collections are natural and of superior quality. This promotes their durability and allows them to be recyclable and biodegradable.


Collections: high-quality natural materials (linen, organic cotton, silk, merino wool, cashmere), touches of recycled natural fibers
Accessories: brass, mother-of-pearl, corozo, cotton, silk
Packaging: recyclable FSC paper and cardboard


Some touches of artificial fibers (Tencel, Cupro/labels, lining) with non-polluting processes


Quality dyes conforming to European standards Untreated line and natural dyes


Constrained by technique: minimal synthetic touches (recycled polyester) with active research for their elimination.

More details on each product sheet.

Un crop top en coton undyed


Des bijoux éthiques, assemblés à Paris
Des bijoux éthiques, assemblés à Paris


"To minimize its impact, a garment must be locally manufactured."

Minimizing pollution related to transportation, ensuring labor rights, preserving craftsmanship, and supporting jobs guide every step at Virginie Voncken. All products are manufactured locally, ensuring full traceability.

Garments are developed 12 km from Paris.
Design is carried out in studios in France.
Photo shoots and graphics are done in France.

Fabrics and supplies (buttons, cords, zippers...) are primarily sourced from France, Italy, Portugal, or Switzerland.

Sewing threads are spun in France and Eastern Europe.

All manufacturing is done entirely in France.

Chains, rings, clasps in brass are made in Italy.
Gold Field components are manufactured in the United States.
Pearls are sourced in Paris.
Assembly is done in France.

Cords, tissue paper, paper labels, jewelry boxes, linen pouches come from France, Italy, Germany.
Shipping cartons are made in Europe.

More details on each product sheet.


Un tee-shirt femme made in France en coton biologique


"The healthiest garment is one that uses no dye."

When I became aware of the pollution caused by textile dyes and their health risks, I set out to find undyed clothing. Except for a few undergarments, my search proved futile. That's when I decided to create a complete contemporary wardrobe in natural colors.

It's worth noting that even unbleached clothes are typically bleached and dyed to remove impurities and ensure uniformity in stores. However, these impurities wash out after a few household washes. As an alternative to this nonsensical and polluting practice, I propose undyed clothing. This line is named CRU (meaning in French, a play on words with the color 'écru'; removing the 'e' from the French word 'écru,' 'cru' means undyed) to emphasize the difference from traditional unbleached garments and to integrate the natural colors of other fibers. The range offers an authentic palette, ranging from the offwhite of cotton to the golden beiges of linen and the browns of wool.

CRU embraces a purist approach: it provides a healthy option for the skin and eliminates the negative impact of dyeing.

Un tee-shirt femme made in France en coton biologique


Une marque de mode made in France labelisée Gots


"A garment labeled with GOTS certification is an additional guarantee of respect."

My brand is committed to creating ecological and ethical collections, requiring rigorous certifications.

My first label, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), guarantees strict organic and social standards. Certified by Ecoceert, an independent organization, my company has undergone a thorough audit. Every aspect of my items has been checked and traced, including at my suppliers who must be certified in the same manner.

All my 100% organic cotton items are GOTS certified.

Most of my fabrics are also certified: organic, recycled, sourced from sustainably managed forests, without toxic residues...

Each certificate is verified and listed on the product sheets.

Virginie Voncken aims to obtain additional certifications as the brand develops.

Une marque de mode made in France labelisée Gots


Focus sur un vêtement en dentelle de Lyon, savoir-faire d'excellence


"A product of extraordinary quality evokes emotion and attachment, encouraging its long-term preservation."

With over 24 years of experience in high-end textiles, I emphasize exceptional craftsmanship in everyday attire. From classic jersey to delicate lace, each component meets demanding criteria such as exquisite materials, fine execution, durability, impeccable drape, and handcrafted finishes. Every detail is meticulously crafted to offer a unique sensory experience.

Rediscover some exceptional local craftsmanship, sometimes forgotten, throughout the chapters.

Focus sur un vêtement en dentelle de Lyon, savoir-faire d'excellence


un collier en chaine or Gold Field et petite perle d'eau douce et une boite upcyclée en coquillage et laiton


"The most ecological product is one that already exists, whether it is passed on or recycled."


Some materials come from surplus stocks of luxury houses, often resulting from manufacturers' safety margins for production. Color or appearance non-conformities sometimes cancel these orders. In the past, these stocks would have been destroyed. Today, they can be revalued.


I salvage stocks of pearls, buttons, and other elements to create jewelry, sometimes repurposing them from their original use. After cleaning, deconditioning, and transformation, these objects find new life outside of attics.


Some items in my collection are naturally dyed in my workshop, offering unique artistic results. I use food consumption residues such as carrot tops, avocado skins and pits, onion peels, coffee grounds...


When designing my collections, I avoid waste by printing only when necessary. Shipments are made with existing packaging between myself and my suppliers. Production scraps and damaged supplies are used on prototypes or revalued into accessories to avoid any waste

un collier en chaine or Gold Field et petite perle d'eau douce et une boite upcyclée en coquillage et laiton


un jean made in France aux finitions soignées
un jean made in France aux finitions soignées


"To claim to be committed, a project must be entirely so, down to the smallest detail."


Ecological principles meticulously applied to every supply in the collection, some elements are customized and exclusive. All are natural and locally made.


The quality of the supplies matches that of the main materials, with creations that are both sturdy and delicate. Linings are thin and precious, closures are elegant, even fly fronts are lined and bound with fine bias. These details perfect the experience of wearing an exceptional piece, as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.
Many details are handcrafted.



"To claim to be committed, a project must be transparent."

Every detail that makes up the product is traced and traceable on the sheets of each:

- Composition
- Origin of raw materials
- Processing location
- Treatments
- Labels

Thus, you have precise knowledge of how, where, and with what your pieces are made.

For more details, refer to the product sheets.

Virginie Voncken is committed to promoting ethical practices, both internally and in its business partnerships. A contractual commitment ensures collaboration exclusively with partners who adhere to ethical standards and good working conditions. The choice of local partnerships facilitates this approach


Un jean femme qui fait de superbes fesses


"To counter traditional fashion, so-called responsible collections must be singular."

Each collection is born from a personal universe, blending multiple influences, describing a dreamlike world, sometimes bright, sometimes melodramatic. Like a saga, the episodes follow and complement each other.

My creative process includes immersive drawing sessions and model fittings to find the original detail while maintaining long-term wearability.

My clean and identifiable lines are inspired by nature and minimalist geometry. The elegance of my outfits lies in a calm and soothing strength, sophisticated without being stiff, sensual without provocation, easy yet always fresh.

Gros plan de dos sur une femme portant un jean écru avec poches en forme de Tulipe. Étiquette en cuir gravée du nom Virginie Voncken, bijou de jean attaché aux passants de la ceinture composé d'une chaîne XL en laiton, perles de nacre et perles baroques allongées, le tout fabriqué en France. Dos nu révélant un profil de sein, avec une lumière douce pour une élégance chic.



"So-called responsible collections must offer a wide range of sizes."

My size range extends from 34 to 46, even 48 for some knit pieces.

I aim to communicate about different types of women and offer collections not only in extended sizes but also designs thoughtfully created to be easily wearable by all.


Un sweat sans teinture, en coton Gots, avec de somptueux plis aux manches


"Ethical clothing must be so desirable and high-quality that it would be impossible to part with or grow tired of."

To combine desirability and durability, I reinterpret iconic pieces, rooted in collective memory, prioritizing quality materials and meticulous finishes. My sensory approach and refined original style create pieces punctuated with precious details, offering a delightful rediscovery with each use. My vision is based on lasting attachment. It promotes responsible consumption and paves the way for new luxury.

Un sweat sans teinture, en coton Gots, avec de somptueux plis aux manches


Une sublime petite maison en forme de Tulipe, recouverte de miroirs, emblème de la marque Virginie Voncken


"Ethical brands must inspire dreams."

To encourage sustainable consumption, adding a touch of magic is essential. The key to sustainability lies in the combination of dreams with quality, offering powerful experiences with objects that embody values. My project extends beyond textiles; it offers the vision of a dreamlike universe through artistic productions.

Une sublime petite maison en forme de Tulipe, recouverte de miroirs, emblème de la marque Virginie Voncken, se reflète dans l'eau de mer d'une plage normande.


Who is Virginie Voncken


It is alongside iconic figures in the fashion world such as Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier, Chantal Thomass, and Christophe Lemaire that I forged my experience as a stylist and artistic director.

Endowed with an early passion for drawing, I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Applied Arts from the Estienne School. I pursued further studies with a BTS in Fashion Design and a DSAA in Fashion and Environment at the Duperré School, where I benefited from the teachings of Pierre Hardy. My artistic skills led me to work as an intern for renowned fashion houses during this time. For Christian Lacroix, I created hand-painted textiles, and for Lanvin, I designed my first knits. A drawing competition enabled me to meet Jean Paul Gaultier, who invited me to contribute to his second Haute Couture fashion show.

After graduating, I spent six years freelancing for Nelly Rodi, working on Beauty and Lingerie projects, including collaborations with Chantal Thomass. By her side, I developed a taste for the subtlety of undergarments and the delicacy of lace. Subsequently, I worked for Lacoste for ten years under the direction of Christophe Lemaire. From him, I learned how to modernize a brand while respecting its DNA. The crocodile then experienced growing success, marked by fashion shows in Paris and New York. With the arrival of Felipe Oliveira Baptista and his futuristic vision, I explored new textile technologies.

After fifteen years at Lacoste, I felt the desire to evolve towards a global artistic direction. Recruited by Jacadi as the Director of Style, I contributed to the renewal and upscaling of the collections. I redefined the creative methods and infused my contemporary vision into the brand.

Drawing from my experience in Haute Couture, jewelry, beauty, lingerie, sportswear, and children's wear, I felt the need for a change. As both a designer and a consumer, the challenges of globalization, pollution, and the era of disposability led me to create my own brand, focused on kindness, respect for humanity, and the environment.

Officially founded in June 2021, my brand proudly launches its first chapter in early 2024.

A brand that blossoms the body and the heart


"Blossoms body and heart."

The DNA of Virginie Voncken draws inspiration from a multitude of sources: childhood memories, artistic influences, nature, and dance.

Precious family moments, the maternal garden, the paternal paintings, summers in Normandy and Poland with my grandmother, meeting my husband, and the arrival of my two sons form the foundation of my inspirations.

Elements such as the sea, the sky, celestial bodies, rocks, and vegetation, among others, orchestrate a visual symphony in my creations, forming a poetic dialogue between natural splendor and my artistic expression, capturing the ephemeral and majestic essence of the world around us.

The fusion of nature and art history, notably Art Nouveau, impressionist, and surrealist movements, as well as mythology, infuse each of my creations with a unique essence.

Dance, human emotions, the sensual curves of the body, the aesthetics of boudoirs, and literary and cinematic references harmoniously integrate into my work.

To shape my collections, I imagine a dreamlike world, integrating places, objects, nature, and the environment. For my brand, I envision an optimistic near future characterized by a solar, minimalist, and refined aesthetic where ecological living shines.

Flowers, recurring emblems in my creations, convey messages of hope, peace, and a return to wonder.

Through her clothing, Virginie Voncken aspires to blossom both your body and heart!

Symbols & Poetry



Choosing my name for my brand was essential because I wanted to sign this quest for the best in my own voice.

For my logo, I wanted it to express what makes the DNA of my brand: natural, unique, refined, with a touch inspired by Art Nouveau. The assertive yet delicate typography dances like a plant sprout, punctuated by drops, symbols of life and cycles.



The "Flight" symbol brings together the two Vs of Virginie Voncken, one above the other. It evokes the flight of two birds and symbolizes freedom. The design also recalls the shoots of nature, punctuated by a drop of sap, representing the cycle of life. The rounded lines also evoke the sensuality of feminine curves.

On a more personal note, the two birds echo the very strong bond between my two sons.

"Flight" marks certain garments: engraving on buttons, tone-on-tone embroidery, always in a discreet and subtle manner.FLIGHT



The Tulip pocket embodies the spirit of my brand. By celebrating nature and evoking the initials of Virginie Voncken, it symbolizes the softness and hope of a benevolent future. It represents the new trend of "Conscious Luxury," a movement towards more environmentally, socially, and humanly responsible consumption. Tulip is the symbol of an approach where beauty and sustainability converge, without compromising with current challenges. Beautiful and meaningful objects tend to endure over time. Tulip embodies this sustainable path.

Consisting of two superimposed pockets, fully lined, it features in several garments.

"Tulip" is registered and protected at EUIPO.



The flower buttons represent the delicacy of nature.

Handcrafted in Italy with the finest qualities of mother-of-pearl, these buttons feature five diamond-cut petals. They come in several shades of mother-of-pearl in natural colors that are neither bleached nor dyed: Troca in natural golden hue, Rivière in opaque white, Tahiti in dark gray.

In addition to their exceptional craftsmanship, these flower buttons add a poetic touch to the delicate pieces of the collection.FLOWER BUTTONS