[kʁy] (in French, a play on words with the color 'écru'; removing the 'e' from the French word 'écru,' 'cru' means raw, undyed)

Cru (adjective) = Raw, in its natural state, unprocessed.

Cru (noun) = From its creation, from its production - Vineyard: great vintage.

Cru (verb) = Past participle of the verb "croire" (to believe; to consider something possible, someone sincere).

Crû (verb) = Past participle of the verb "croître" (to grow, develop, thrive, in reference to plants).

"Discover the Cru collection, a simple and innovative solution to significantly reduce textile pollution. With a purist approach, Cru presents the only collection entirely composed of noble natural fibers, in natural colors, without any bleaching or dyeing. Cru offers a chic and sustainable wardrobe without compromising the environment."

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Locally made natural products without any dye



adj sing inv

- Related to biology, the science of life and living organisms.

- Non-chemical, without the use of synthetic products.


Virginie Voncken has obtained certification from the GOTS label, issued by Ecocert Greenlife under License number: 271020. All her products made from 100% organic cotton are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard).

GOTS is the strictest international label. It guarantees that all parties involved in producing the product:

- Use environmentally friendly processes
- Respect the working conditions of employees
- Use organic fibers and non-polluting transformation processes

The GOTS certificate requires an annual audit by an independent organization of each company involved in producing the products. My audit is conducted by Ecocert.

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